Francesca eastwood and tyler shields still dating

It wasn’t until middle school that Francesca Eastwood knew that her father, Clint Eastwood, was famous.

She’s so creative.’ And I’d be like, are you kidding me? Francesca plays a waitress who flirts with one of the band members, and it was her father’s idea that she audition.

Just another example of the Deplorables thinking they are more important than they really are...

like when they threatened to boycott Nordstrom because they dropped Ivanka's line of non-selling shit clothes.

Tyler has continued to shoot very controversial things. I’m going to need to see less histrionics and more calm leadership.

Tyler it seems has hooked up with Kathy Griffin, a comedian who also likes to do things for shock value. I need fewer people thrashing about in their seats screaming that we are all going to die and more stoic flight attendants pretending like things are going to be okay.

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