Codifying and consolidating acts

The two laws are only parts of the same provision”. This is a recognition by Parliament that the Acts have a single subject matter. Here it must be remembered that the Latin word part or paris means equal, and not merely similar.

Ancient Sumer's Code of Ur-Nammu was compiled circa 1230-2050 BC, and is the earliest known surviving civil code.

No change in meaning should be attributed unless this was intended.

Lord Mansfield has observed that: “Statues in parimateria are to be all taken as one system to suppress the mischief..... Again there is parliamentary recognition of a single subject matter. Acts having short titles that the identical (apart from the calendar year). Other Acts which deal with the same subject matter on the same lines.

The Roman emperor Caligula wrote his laws in small characters and hung them high on pillars in order to ensnare the public.

Julius Caesar attempted codification, but he was unable to reduce the enormous body of Roman Law to its essentials.

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