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Skype developers have just thrown in the towel and it has left the user base frustrated.

Last month many users reported that Microsoft had broken the app's ability to join calls.

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Nimbuzz sees the decision to ask for the removal of support for Skype services in line with the communication software giant’s “mandate to disconnect with all third-party Vo IP services ahead of its impending IPO“.

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New submitter somebearouthere writes: Skype for Linux was updated in 2014 to v4.3 and has since sat there without an update while its counterpart on other platforms has been receiving updates.

Sometime in 2015, Microsoft quietly abandoned that version of the product, showing back to Linux users who had paid for subscriptions with the expectation that one day they too would be able to finally use group video chat, have a real 64-bit version available and get an improved UI.

Nimbuzz points out users will remain free to communicate with their contacts using other Vo IP/SIP, instant messaging services and social networks, including Facebook, Yahoo, Windows Live Messenger, AIM, Google Talk, Twitter, My Space, ICQ and others.

In both the Nimbuzz and fring case, of course, it’s their millions of users who also use Skype that are the ones getting screwed over here.

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