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At Naked Tan we believe in inspiring women by creating products that allow them to ‘reveal their inner goddess’.

The former president, Islam Karimov, started out as leader of the Communist Party and ruled for four terms, which is pretty impressive when you realize that the constitutional limit is just two. If my child chose such a path, I myself would rip off his head,” he said, sounding like an utter villain.

Nude photography can be intimidating, for the artist and the subject.

Technique, creativity, and psychology all need to be considered and executed seamlessly to achieve a photographer’s desired artistic and professional result.

is a book I would not only appreciate having in my library, but I would actually purchase it to give to amateur and professional photographer friends of mine for their own collections. " - Charles Laurier Dufour, Fine Art Nude Photographer, an experienced fine art nude photographer, I found the to be a very comprehensive look on the subject.

It covers the gamut from the basics of photography as applied to this genre to finding models and how to work with them to achieve the results you want.

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