Go cam2cam

Start Cam2Cam and click the "Allow" button to permit Adobe Flash to broadcast your video and audio feed. Let the webcam model know you are sending video and that they should look for you in their Cam2Cam tab.


Soon, she seems to be following into the victim's exact same footsteps, on purpose, even visiting the same "Cam2Cam" website. These changes have given new meanings to words as "security" and "privacy".

Therefore, there is much to be said for doing a modern-day version of the seventies' infamous 'giallo' thrillers.

The opening of the film is pretty standard slasher stuff, and it mirrors the one we saw in Scream, only using a chatbox instead of a phone.

Imagine that sequence taking the entire first quarter of the film, with the Drew Barrymore character forced to go naked before being "offed", and you get pretty close to the first 20 minutes of Cam2Cam.

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